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As a full-time self-employed writer for almost 30 years, I produce content pieces, sales material, and articles that help you connect with your audience, communicate your brand message, or sell your products and services--clearly, efficiently, reliably.

Working with me lets you leverage the skills of an award-winning writer without having to hire a permanent staffer.

Because of my breadth of experience, you'll benefit from my adaptability and versatility. Because I do more research, talk to more experts, and find more telling details than many other writers, you'll benefit from my diligence and work ethic.

I'm not kidding. Just ask my editor at The Costco Connection. I drew from 10 sources and conducted interviews totaling 20,000 transcribed words for my 900-word story on childhood bereavement.

Whether you need a 200-word email, a 12-page white paper or a multi-sourced feature article, you'll be working with a professional who can meet your deadlines, your budget, and your expectations.

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Persuading prospects to respond to your advertising and retaining them after the sale has been made is the lifeblood of every business and organization. I can provide sales and marketing copywriting that enriches your bottom line. 

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Content Marketing

Building a library of content-rich material is necessary for your organization to prosper. I can provide well-written pieces to help you stand out in a crowded marketplace.

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Good stories told well are a fundamental, immensely satisfying part of life. With eight awards for publication excellence, I craft tightly written pieces of every length that captivate readers.

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