"Expertly written..."

Robert has been an invaluable asset as a columnist for Audience Development. Being one of these requires deep experience in the market and Robert drew upon that to not only craft expertly written columns that provided bullet-proof and actionable content, he provided a reliable stream of ideas. Robert submitted precise copy on deadline and took the necessary steps to make sure his content matched with AD's tone and mission, which is to always provide information that helps our audience do their jobs better. As his editor I happily never had to remind him of that.

— Bill Mickey, Editor, Folio: and Audience Development

"Hard-hitting interview..."

This hard-hitting interview with a tough author gets right down to it. Nicely chunked copy delivers terse advice--useful strategies readers can deploy to align their work life with what's important to them. Lots of specifics, in a short, easily digested format.

— Judges' Comments on Grand Award-Winning Entry, APEX 2014

"Reflects his strong reporting skills..."

A consummate pro, Robert is a pleasure to work with and creates content that is well-written and reflects his strong reporting skills. He takes direction easily, is always on time, and pays strict attention to details so his copy always comes in clean. Working with him makes my job easy.

— Todd Smith, Founder, Think Outside Consulting, LLC

"Very reliable reporter..."

Robert is a very reliable reporter. His stories come in on time and are always factually accurate. He's shown an ability to cram lots of relevant information into a short note, as well as an ability to take readers on a longer ride with a lengthier story. Can't ask for much more than that.

— Aaron Derr, Senior Writer, Boys' Life

"Thoughtful, probing, and insightful..."

I think the article is very well-written and accurately reflects my comments. I appreciate the care that you obviously put into this endeavor. Your questions were thoughtful, probing, and insightful; doubtlessly the product of you doing your homework.

— David P. Stanislaw, Principal, Stanislaw Consulting

"One of the best..."

Robert: Other than Clayton Makepeace's or Dan Rosenthal's, this is one of the best drafts I've seen in a long time! Nice work!

— Martin Weiss, Publisher, Weiss Publishing

"Improved on my words..."

Robert caught my drift immediately even though he'd had no exposure to or prior experience with the subject of futures speculation. I'm considered to be articulate myself, but Robert was taking the words right out of my mouth before too long, and improving on them to boot.

— Morry Markovitz, Editor, Trading with Morry

"Best response in 6 months..."

Your version pulled better with a response rate we hadn't seen in over six months! So I expect to roll out with it in one of the upcoming issues, and will certainly be contacting you with more work in the near future!

— Amanda Hath, Product Manager, KCI Communications

"Tremendous response..."

The response we got from a campaign authored by Robert was tremendous. His letters grab the attention of the reader and present benefits of our products in a concise and forceful manner.

— Peter B. Jacobs, American Banker Newsletters

"Always beats our tests..."

We sure don't need any change on the copy, since it is a winner! Your copy always beats our tests.

— Shannon Bruffy, Consumer Marketing Coordinator, Forbes

"He has a distinctive voice..."

Robert is a terrific storyteller. He takes a real interest in the topic as well as the people he interviews, and that's reflected in the story he writes. He has a distinctive voice, which makes the stories a joy to read. He pays attention to detail, he asks pertinent questions, his work is complete, his copy is clean, and he meets deadlines. And he's fun to work with. He has a wonderful sense of humor, and he always manages to keep things in perspective."

— Jane Hoback, Editor, Momentum, the magazine of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society

"Few can match..."

Robert Lerose is a terrific copywriter. Whether he’s creating a new promotion or updating something that is already working, he brings an attention to detail and an ability to put himself in his prospects’ shoes that few copywriters can match.

— Mike Bell, Phillips Investment Resources

"Knows how to tell stories..."

Robert was one of our best and most effective freelance writers. At Rutgers, engaging with alumni and donors is of utmost importance, and Robert knows how to tell stories in a way that gets maximum impact. I always appreciated his excellent ideas for stories and his willingness to go above and beyond to make a story the best it could be. He is reliable, collegial, flexible, and creative. I enjoyed working with him immensely.

— Amy Vames, Writer/Editor, Rutgers University Foundation

"A true professional..."

Robert is a thorough and detail-oriented reporter and writer who masters every subject he covers. I've had the privilege of editing his work over the past several years and have always been impressed by how clean and clear his copy is. Robert is a true professional and a joy to work with.

— Susan Caminiti, Senior Editor, Touchpoint Media

"Concrete examples..."

I just read your piece and it is really good. Thank you for being so responsive to our direction. The client was pleased and appreciated your concrete examples. I hope you might be available to do future pieces for us. I'll let my colleagues know of your good work, too. I truly appreciate the extra step you took to ensure safe delivery of the article during the storm conditions.

— Janet Liao Kornas, Managing Editor/Digital Marketing Manager, GLC Custom Media


Since you had recently completed two other control-beaters for Nanotech and Special Situation Survey, you can rest assured that we at Forbes are thrilled with your marketing expertise and calm, professional working style.

— Carolyn Topak, Director, Consumer Marketing, Forbes

"Fantastic results..."

Over the past 10 years, Robert has worked on many winning direct mail and email marketing efforts for several of our publications. Robert's great ideas coupled with his ability to connect with our customers has produced fantastic results for us. In addition to that, he is a pleasure to work with.

— Sheila Frisch, Vice President of Operations, The Cabot Heritage Corporation

"Didn't change one word..."

This is to say thank you. We have worked with copywriters over the last twenty years, but your letter was the only one we ever used without changing one word. We loved it. It is now being sent out to over 400,000 customers and prospects.

— Hugo Dunhill, President, Hugo Dunhill List Company

"Copy that connects..."

Robert Lerose did a remarkable job of grasping the essence of a profession that he had enjoyed little exposure to before we talked. The copy he produced connected very well with the gut emotions of the audience we were trying to reach. I was impressed!

— Pieter Vanbennekom, Editor, Progressive Business Publications

"Truly listened..."

I found it a pleasure to work with you. You truly listened to our needs and ideas and your work was very well-thought out and well-designed. This particular project was not easy, due to the restraints imposed by using a set letter format. In the future, we would like to work with you on larger and more flexible/creative projects. Your efficiency and professionalism were much appreciated. Thank you!

— Kristin Heuer, Marketing Coordinator, Institutional Investor

"400% greater response..."

The package is working great! The response rate was four times higher than our original package when we mailed it the first time. We're still using it with minor tweaks and it still continues to outpull everything else we've been doing. The formal renewal series has really helped as well.

— Erin Weileder, Marketing Director, Lessiter Publications