Over the course of my freelance career, I've written hundreds of pieces--from direct mail packages for AAA and the American Motorcyclist Association to white papers for Canon and NEC to articles for Independent Banker and the Wake Forest alumni magazine. To see a small sampling of my work, click on any of the categories below.

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Bank Accounting & Finance

Institutional Investor

Membership Brochure

Institute of Finance and Management

Subscription Brochure

Harper's Magazine

Membership Brochure

ANDI International

Email Promos

The Cabot Benjamin Graham Value Letter

The Cabot Heritage Corporation

Email Subscription Series

School Health Alert Newsletter

Renewal Efforts

Advance Magazine Renewal

Better Homes & Gardens

Advance Newsletter Renewal

Utility Forecaster

Subscription Restart

Harper's Magazine

Renewal Letter #1

Personal Finance Newsletter

Website Copy

Practice Area-Alimony

The Collierville Law Firm

Practice Area-Wrongful Death

The Collierville Law Firm

Content Marketing

Blog Posts

Managing the impact of surprises in the workplace

Written for Ricoh, on behalf of SmartBrief

Supercharging company communications

Written for Ricoh, on behalf of SmartBrief

The importance of purpose to company success

Written for Ricoh, on behalf of SmartBrief

How to build empathetic leadership teams

Written for Ricoh, on behalf of SmartBrief

Case Studies

Seasoned to Perfection

Package Design Magazine


Business & Marketing

Catch a Wave

Brand Experience Magazine

How to Get and Keep New Customers

Independent Banker Magazine

Renovate Your Sales

Association of Pool & Spa Professionals Magazine

Children & Teens

A Winning Team


Ordinary Heroes


Built to Last

Boys' Life

Health & Science

Sylvia Lawry: tireless crusader

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society

After The Loss

The Costco Connection


Saving the West

Wake Forest Magazine

Reclaiming His Life

Rutgers University Alumni Magazine

Into The Woods

Rutgers University Alumni Magazine